Communication: Part 2

In September of 2009 I had the incredible privilege of attending a communication conference led by Duffy Robbins I learned many things over the few days and was reminded of some stuff that I’d heard before but failed to apply.  One of these things was.. how to make your message STICK


Study the bible passage or theme to get a grip on what is being said/make notes


Go away from the text or theme and think about it/chew it over in your mind


Consider stories, ideas, video clips which may illustrate the concept you’re attempting to communicate/write them down


Arrange all the material into a coherent structure of introduction – main point – conclusion/sort it

Keep It Simple

Cut out the stuff that’s confusing or not really on the main point/change the wording to be more intentional/simplify

….for more great stuff by Duffy on communicating the gospel to young people check out this book: Speaking to Teenagers

or follow this link to the Resurgence where Darrin Patrick has written a great blog post about sermon preparation.


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