Hard Graft vs Holy Ghost

This Palm Sunday at Carnmoney we were thinking about Jesus and the disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane and a couple of things struck me quite powerfully as I studied this passage.

Firstly the sovereignty of God extends to the bleakest of circumstances imaginable.  Even though His closest disciples fall asleep, even though Judas betrays Him, even though He’s sweating drops of blood and longing for the hour to pass from Him, even though it seems as though His life is in the ‘hands of sinners’ God is in control.  God said through the prophet Zechariah “I will strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.”

boxer knockoutGod’s hand is in control, even when we see the horror of the cross.  And so even when my circumstances are unpleasant, I can be sure that He is working out His purposes through my life.

Another thing that really impacted and challenged me is that being determined to follow Jesus and be faithful to Him is not enough.  Peter confidently declared even if all fall away I will not’ Unfortunately quite soon after he made this statement, Peter fell asleep instead of praying, his determination was not matched by dependency upon God.  Determination minus dependency equals failure.

Hard Graft will always lose in a punch up with the Holy Ghost.

The last thing from this passage which really encouraged me was the fact that this scene took place in a garden.  The Divine unity of Scripture is revealed in a very plain way.  The beginning of the Bible has a scene in the garden where Adam fails a test.  He chooses to do his own will and disobeys the direct instruction of God.  Here we see Jesus contrasted with Adam.  Jesus obeys God in the garden and passes the test, whereas Adam disobeyed God in the garden and failed the test.  The consequence of Adam’s failure is that sin and death enter the whole world.  The consequence of Jesus passing the test is that forgiveness and life are available to the whole world.  The bad news of Genesis is defeated by the good news of the Gospel – and that’s what’s so great about Easter!

You can listen to the message from Sunday in full by clicking here.