Stick At It

OK so my last post was a little bit critical of Rafa Benitez and maybe I jumped on the bandwagon a little too early. Since that post Liverpool have continued their unbeaten run in the league, thrashed Besiktas 8-0 in the Champions League and stuffed FC Porto 4-1 in the same competition. Lets hope they keep that form up throughout the season and that Ryan Babel continues to excel.

On a more depressing note Woodlands FC have not recorded a victory since the beginning of November and our league position is very worrying -we still have to play some top teams and we will have to improve our performances if there is any hope of a respectable league position. Maybe we need to just stick at it and turn the corner like Liverpool seem to have done…

I handed in my MDiv dissertation last week and am absolutely loving the feeling of being free from University and study for the first time since about 2002! Over four years of part-time study have been completed and I can hardly believe it. Sometimes it seems to have flown by but during the last few months it really did seem like I had been on this course forever. The most difficult aspects were the languages and I actually thought at some stages it was going to be impossible. However with a few helpful tips from a variety of people I managed to scrape through -glad that it’s done and pleased that I stuck at it. I’ll get the robes on in July!