Cosmetic Surgery or Heart Surgery?

This week while I was re-reading some of Mark Driscoll’s book ‘Radical Reformission’ I came across this statement and it really resonated with me.
“Our heart is a rock band, and culture is a loudspeaker, and if we don’t like the music, spending lots of money to fund organisations to “fix” the speakers won’t change the tune.”
As a Christian youth worker I know the temptation to become obsessed with how individuals behave and to become preoccupied with what young people do rather than who they are. The prophet Jeremiah said that our hearts are deceitful above all things and David prays to God in the Psalms asking for a new/clean heart to be created within him and asking God to search his heart to see if there is any offensive way within him. I think Driscoll has reminded me and rebuked me to help me realise that I need to stress less about outward behaviour (which is only a symptom of the real problem) and focus more on matters of the heart. A determination to change our ways or behaviour is only really cosmetic surgery that changes outward appearance and leaves us internally in the same condition, while a new heart transforms our minds and makes us new creations and gives us new life. So I guess what I am trying to say is something that Rachael has been telling me for ages, I don’t need a new sound system I need a new music collection!