Preaching: Daddy or Chips?

You might remember the McCain’s Oven Chip advert from years ago, the one when the little girl wrestles with the question: “which do I prefer? Daddy or Chips..”  She eventually concludes ‘chips’ because at the dinner table her dad steals one of them!

This morning at Carnmoney we were thinking about preaching as part of a series we’ve been following to help us understand what worship is all about.  We’ve looked at things like congregational singing, prayer, the sacraments (communion & baptism) and today it was my turn to answer the question:

Why do we have preaching?


Basically all of us face the ‘Daddy or Chips’ type of question every day.  We struggle to decide what we love most.  Our choices reveal to others what our priorities are and we need help to get things in the right order.  I believe that this is where preaching comes in.  Preaching exists to fill us up with love for Jesus.  If we love Him most then we will make the right choices, our desire will be to obey Him because the temporary rewards of sin will lose their appeal.  Preaching is proclaiming / heralding the good news of who God is and what He’s done for us.

Paul says to the Romans thatfaith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” God has planned that the way faith in Jesus comes to us is through hearing the word of Christ.  So preaching is vital for the health of individual Christians and the local church.  

John Calvin said that..

when preachers speak – the voice of Jesus resounds.

Augustine said that..

when the Bible speaks – God speaks.

So then preaching is a huge privilege and a humbling responsibility.  It’s main aim is to expose people to the love God has for them and to fill them up with love for Jesus.  This is not always an easy thing to do but we have plenty of encouragement from God.

Below is a clip from Bryan Chapell who has had a big influence on my thinking in this area..

(even though he has a side sweep going on!)