The Pursuit of The Holy > Simon Ponsonby

The Pursuit of The HolyWe read this book as a staff team at Carnmoney and it was encouraging to think of the topic of holiness in a positive way.  God is holy and usually when we hear this we feel uncomfortable because we realise we are not.  Also we associate holiness with sour faces, dark clothes and serious attitudes.  One of the things that Ponsonby does brilliantly in this book is blast the negative view of holiness out of the water.  He urges his readers to consider the attractiveness of a holy lifestyle and points out that it’s when we abide in Christ that this character formation takes place in us.  Only God is holy, throughout the book Ponsonby reminds us that the holiness that God requires, He also provides.    The great revivalist of 18th Century – Jonathan Edwards said this ” The Holy Spirit, as Divine Love, activates our Holy Affections of love to God, without which we are incomplete.’  This is it.  Our lives lack, our inner being grumbles when our love is not for God.  This book is a really helpful aide to focus our affections again on the One who loves us, even when we’re from from holy.

The only criticism I have of the book is that at time the illustration he used were naff or didn’t really make sense.  Other than that it was really worthwhile reading.  My favourite quote from the book is this one…

Any form of holiness that leads to someone looking like they just drank a gallon of vinegar is not biblical holiness; it is more likely Pharisaism.


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