Prodigal God > Tim Keller

If you only have time to read one book in the next while then make sure to get your hands on this one.  It’s possible to read in one sitting but you’ll find yourself going back to it regularly in order to be reminded of the amazing yet simple truths contained inside. Prodigal God is a ‘must read’ for Christians at every stage of their walk with Jesus.

I’m not a huge fan of people trying to bring something ‘new’ out of a familiar bible passage – just for the sake of it -because I’m not sure that’s the point of bible teaching. Tim Keller can do what he likes though, he’s a genius.  This book does cast fresh light on a familiar passage and brings an insight to this parable that has been frequently been taught as half a story.  Keller explains that the whole point of the story in Luke 15 is the similarity of the sons inwardly even though outwardly they’re living different lives.  There are two ways to run from God but only one way back.

In the parable both sons were lost, both sons wanted the father’s things but not the father, both sons were selfish and both of the sons needed the prodigal/extravagant love of the father.  This is one of the most well known but misunderstood stories in all of scripture.  There are two ways to be lost: wayward living and legalism.  The church tends to focus its megaphone on wayward living and ignore the legalism which often pervades our fellowships.  Both wayward living and legalism are attempts to manipulate God.  Keller contends that there is a third way to live and that Jesus is our true ‘elder brother’ who willingly gives us his robe to clothe our nakedness, who willingly sacrifices not a fatted calf but himself in order than we might be brought back.  If you’re struggling to come to grips with the concept of God’s grace then buy this book and discover the nature of God’s love for you.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Wish I had read it years ago.

Even though it hadn’t been written years ago!


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