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Jesus Driven MinistryI heard Ajith Fernando preach in August 2010 at the PCI Special  Assembly and that’s when I bought this book.  It took me a while to get round to reading it and it took me a while to read as well.  You can judge this book its cover – well the title at least!  Fernando takes the ministry of Jesus and uses His life and way of ministering as a pattern for every minister/pastor to follow.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and was encouraged spiritually many times as I came across phrases, ideas and thoughts that resonated with me and gave me motivation to continue in ministry.  I am persistently passing on things from this book to the youth interns at Carnmoney (and anyone else who’ll listen).  It’s reached the point now that I feel like attributing Fernando’s words to another person because it’s just embarrassing and repetitive when I hear myself all the time saying “Ajith Fernando says…..”  He addresses basic subjects like: prayer, preaching, bible reading, opposition from people you love, visiting the sick, temptation and loads of other stuff that we need help with on a daily basis.  It’s inspiring, instructive and readable.  I loved it.

If you are involved in ministry of any kind whether as a paid staff member or a volunteer you really need to get your hands on a copy of this book.  It’s an absolutely super read.  You’re not getting my copy – it’s covered in highlighter pen!

When we see that God is glorious, we are fired by an ambition to do great things that reflect his glory.


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