Social Networking: The Pursuit of Recognition

Why do I update my status, tweet, comment, like, retweet or share photos online?  Are there factors or patterns that encourage me to increase my involvement with social networking?  What impact does my online engagement have with those who are actually present in the room?  These are some of the uncomfortable questions I have had to ask myself recently.  I do not like the answers.  Psalm 139 says

O Lord, you have searched me and you know me, you know when I sit down and when I rise, you discern my thoughts from afar.  You search out my path and my lying down and are familiar with all my ways.

If I believed this truth deeply it would have a huge impact on my online activity.  Being completely known by God is a life transforming truth that should radically shape how I view myself, others and the circumstances I find myself in.

If I believed God knew: Would I still feel the need to advertise how rotten my day was?  Would I let you know how difficult I found it to sleep last night or that my child had a runny nose?  Would I list the tasks I had to complete today or the engagements I was attending?  Would I quote the lyrics from the music I was listening to or upload a photo of my tobacco onions?  Would still I tag the people I met for lunch, tell you about my plans for the new year or ‘like’ the status of my friends?  The witty comment underneath the status or the veiled criticism of another person all stem from an unhealthy desire to gain a certain a kind of recognition that will ultimately leave me disappointed.  The only real compensation for feeling overlooked, forgotten about and isolated is to be confident that God is familiar with all my ways.  If I deeply believed that I was known by God, I would care less about how many people viewed my page, retweeted my tweet, liked my status or tagged me in theirs.

I’m not sure how to engage better with social media but I am sure that I need to!

#soibloggedaboutit #likeablackflyinyourchardonnay #beingamonkisnottheanswer


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