Life’s A Breeze: Part 2

On Sunday evening I watched the temperature drop to minus seven as I made my way along the Irish Hill Road.  It’s been a year (almost exactly) since we experienced conditions like this and it’ll probably be a while before we see the white stuff again.  Our country never copes well with bad weather, schools are forced to close, traffic grinds to a halt and events end up being cancelled.  Talk-back radio shows experience a high volume of calls from the public complaining about how ill equipped we are to deal with bad weather.  It always seems to take us by surprise and throws our plans into complete chaos.  I received a few messages during the cold snap to inform me of appointments that were no longer going to be fulfilled.  The weather brings uncertainty.  It can feel like we are totally at the mercy of our circumstances and our footing is not secure. (which I was reminded of forcibly when I landed on my back in the driveway of our house, much to the amusement of the driver in a passing car!)

The Bible tells us that even though the seasons are controlled by God, He himself doesn’t change like the seasons. In Carnmoney we’ve been reminded that God is worthy of worship at all times and in every circumstance.  One of the most powerful testimonies to this truth has come through the story of Jill McCloughry from Hillsong, Australia. (see the video below)

all of my life, in every season you are still God, I have a reason to worship

No matter what the temperature is or how uncertain the forecast may be, God is reliable, life is available through Him and nothing can snatch us from His hand. We can have sure footing when all around is slippery!

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow

The sun forbear to shine

But God who called me here below

Will be forever mine

John Newton/Amazing Grace


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