The Week That Was

Last week was a good one for me.  Good for a few reasons..  on Monday I had a delicious cinnamon scone with Rachael and James at the Baytree in Holywood, if you’ve never had one then you’re missing out!  (if you don’t like it – I’ll personally refund you)

On Tuesday morning I had a very positive meeting about some summer plans in Ballyduff, can’t remember the last time I came away from a meeting with so much hope and excitement about the future.  Watch this space!Friday is the day I meet with the Student Discipleship Team in the Common Room.  Last week  Dave came along to lead us in worship and help us out with some plans for a Youth Alpha course we’re hoping to launch next month – more scheming for the future and hope filled discussion.

Finally, on Sunday James was baptised at Carnmoney – this was such a special service for us and a great chance to give thanks to God for his wee life!

…as one member of staff at Church regularly says to us -“I just thought I’d share that with you.”


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