What Would Jesus Twitter? Part 1

I’ve recently been doing some stuff in schools about social networking and thought I’d post up a few thoughts over the next while about this phenomenon.  For starters here’s the Bible as twitter – I came across some of these on another guy’s blog last year..  Enjoy!

Adam is lonely, really lonely, naming animals…starting with A – Aardvark

Adam is the husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. Okay, she’s the only one, but she isn’t wearing any clothes

Noah is really hating elephant dung and those two chimps are trying my patience

Joseph has lost his favorite coat.

Moses is walking through the Red Sea…no, really.

Samson is growing his hair long again

David is really glad the pretty girl moved in next door. Staying home from work today.

Solomon is writing Songs that all the boys want to read

Job is sick of his friend’s advise

Daniel is petting the lions

Nehemiah is building a big wall…be done in about 7 weeks.

John the Baptist is eating locusts and wild honey and looking for the One whose shoes I am not worthy to tie

Peter is walking on water-oops, not anymore

Zacchaeus is in a tree looking for Jesus

Jesus is leaving the 99 behind and looking for 1


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