Transfer Talk

Rafa Benitez was recently questioned about Alonso and Mascherano, this is what he said and it makes me nervous…

“We signed them both from different situations. Alonso was coming from Real Sociedad and nobody had really heard much of him outside of Spain, he did well and we renewed his contract because of that.

“Mascherano came from West Ham where he had not been doing well. We brought him here and gave him a good contract, so we are very pleased with them both and that Liverpool has been very good to them.”

Sounds to me like Benitez is clutching at straws to keep these guys and trying to make them feel guilty about even considering a move. I’ll not be surprised if tomorrow morning’s paper has pictures of Mascherano holding a Barcelona shirt and Alonso wearing the white of Real Madrid.

Could be worse I suppose, we could compensate for their loss by signing Michael Owen!


One thought on “Transfer Talk”

  1. hey michael

    good to get to your blog. will pop back again.

    don't worry too much – think only 1 of them will go! rafa likes his holding midfielders too much!!

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