Fire and Brimstone

Joel Virgo on Preaching

came across this on another blog today. Gotta love Lloyd-Jones

Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was asked publicly why the churches of his day had so few young men in the pews. He instantly shot back, “Because there are so many old women in the pulpits.” Preaching should either send men away angry or turn them in heartfelt repentance. The one thing it must not do, but too often does, is dull them.

Jesus gathered men by preaching straight, and so did Chrysostom, Luther, Wesley, Spurgeon, Moody, and Billy Graham. If you want to reach men, follow their example and preach boldly. Men get nauseated by preachers who apologize for every point they make, sharing platitudes and leaving sinful get-out clauses for every application. My favourite encouragements come from guys who spend the first two-thirds of the sermon wanting to hurt me, and then come to repentance before the day is over. It means a great deal more than, “That was a nice talk.”

on another note…

DL Moody was once asked, how does revival come about? He replied ‘build a big fire in the pulpit.’ I can confirm that there will be fire at Carnmoney’s Youth Outreach this summer (maybe not in the pulpit though) Our Swedish friend Ture will be coming back to wow us with his fire breathing, juggling and quirky sense of humour.
I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Fire and Brimstone”

  1. And didn't Wesley say ' I set myself on fire and they come to watch me burn'…. pass the jerry can….

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