Can’t Kuyt Understand?

The mighty Woodlands FC got their second win of the season at Woodburn Playing Fields on Saturday, a well deserved 3-0 victory over Ballyclare North End has resulted in a slightly improved league position. A terrific performance by the whole team secured three vital points and mid table mediocrity for the boys in yellow and blue. Goals came from Stuart Hawthorne (2) and Chris Colgan (1) the latter demonstrated great composure when stepping up to retake a first half penalty, firing the ball right back were it had come from to the great delight of his team mates and the now satisfied referee. The great feeling that came with such a victory was tarnished however by yet another poor result for Liverpool. What I can’t ‘Kuyt’ understand is why Rafa Benitez persists with this squad rotation policy when it is quite obviously not working. Dirk Kuyt runs his socks off all day and may cover every blade of grass but as a striker he needs to strike the ball! On Saturday he found himself in a great striking position and then basically ran into Steven Gerrard because of an unwillingness to strike. Come on Rafa, get a settled team out every week and have a decent crack at the Premiership, players get confidence by playing matches and this uncertainty and lack of confidence is obvious throughout most of the team. I never thought I’d say this but it might not be a bad thing for us to go out of the Champions League tomorrow night because then at least the Premiership games will be taken a little more seriously by Rafa Benitinker!


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