How’s It Going?

I’ve just completed week six in my new job at Carnmoney and I have to say (in case anyone from church reads this) that I’m really enjoying it. Getting to know new people is generally something I enjoy doing and everyone has made a big effort with Rachael and I so we’re already feeling fairly settled in this new place. The potential here is huge and I guess I just have to pace myself and be patient (things which don’t come very naturally to me). There are so many ‘good things’ I could be doing but I need to discover the ‘God things’ He wants me to do. I am usually miserable at this and need to develop a clear sense of my priorities otherwise I will most likely drown in a sea of unnecessary commitments!

Jesus tells us in John 10 that He is the Good Shepherd who calls His sheep by name and they follow Him. His sheep flee from the voice of a stranger because they do not recognise that voice. I need to stop and listen to His voice, it often gets drowned out by other noises. At the beginning of this new ministry I am excited by what God will do here if I follow His voice. This will require a new level of discipline from me. The Shepherd’s voice leads us to the Shepherd- who offers a full life. The stranger’s voice leads to a person who steals, kills and destroys. I need to become more familiar with the voice of the Shepherd and run from the voice of the thief.

In case we get too self-centred and obsessed with how we’re doing spiritually Jesus reminds us:-

“I have other sheep who are not of this sheep pen, I must bring them also…”


One thought on “How’s It Going?”

  1. Hey Michael!Great to hear from you! Glad to hear you are settling in as well,Missing all the guys from church! Thanks for your encouraging comment!I am gonna keep an eye on your blog to see how your getting on in church…i’m excited to hear about it…i have heard good things so far!you can fire on my blog or e-mail me on monkeybird6@hotmail.comGood to hear from you!

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